Month: February 2021

Richard Ashelford

Positive? Are you sure?

It’s not easy to find an exploration of the need for positivity in tutoring that’s as open and honest as Richard’s above blog. A model for any tutor on the importance of showing up yourself to inspire those around you.

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Linda Larbi

Exam Stress, Mindfulness and Child Mental Health

In a time where resources and strategies for helping children through their disrupted studies are most precious, Linda guides us through simple steps we can all take to assist our school students. Watch out for the light-hearted videos at the bottom …

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Claire Cant

A Puzzling Time

Oh, so you want a fun and fiendish maths puzzle to tease the brain? Look no further than Claire’s latest thoughts on the utility of maths puzzles in tutoring. Scroll to the bottom for Claire’s favourite new puzzle …

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Julia Silver

The Birth of Qualified Tutor

Julia Silver, Founder of Qualified Tutor, delivers a powerful origin story. Training and professionalism in tutoring are here to stay – Qualified Tutor will be there for you all the way.

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Amanda Cremona

Resilience: What it is and what it isn’t

Amanda Cremona has been an integral part of the QT Community since the very early days. Here, Amanda shares a powerful story of resilience; one which contains a level of vulnerability and honesty that we rarely see in the online sphere in this day and age. Read on to be inspired by Amanda’s journey

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