Month: August 2021

Victoria Burns

How do we learn to read?

Victoria Burns returns with a thought-provoking piece on what teacher training in the present day must include.

Coming from a gradual understanding of the deficiencies in the training she received herself, Victoria challenges us to see learning to read as THE fundamental concept in education.

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Kayleigh Crouch

Supporting Students with Low Confidence – A Practical Guide

Kayleigh Crouch, Director of Bright Sparks Tutors, pens a thorough account of what it means to work with a student with low confidence, and how you can support them.

Rich with references to the literature, this practical guide should act as your accompaniment to any tutoring session.

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Richard Ashelford

Did your students do well this year?

A lot has been said about the nature of this year’s GCSE and A level results. Richard pierces the conversation with an important discussion of what it means to have ‘done well’ this year.

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Anthonia Eddo

The Growth Mindset – Catalyst for Sustainable Development

Anthonia Eddo takes us through her analysis of the power of a Growth Mindset and what it means for the development of our students … and herself.

With a view to what a growth mindset achieved for her as a student, Anthonia picks out the important facets of this area.

Have you considered a Growth Mindset in your students?

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