Month: January 2022

Qualified tutor

How Action Tutoring helps volunteers with their careers

In the first of a new blog series partnership, Fiorela Imerai from Action Tutoring details the myriad ways in which volunteering with Action Tutoring can help you, as an individual and as an educator.

Watch this space for more collaborative content from Qualified Tutor and Action Tutoring …

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Julia Silver

The Love Tutoring Festival – An Open Letter from Julia Silver

An Open Letter from Founder of Qualified Tutor, Julia Silver. A mission statement for what Qualified Tutor believe the future of tutoring can and will be in 2022, and beyond.

Read and be inspired. Read and join in. Read and book your tickets to the Festival 24-28th January at

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Jack Simmonds

Language Matters #5: Behaviour – Adaptive or Disordered?

Jack Simmonds returns for the final piece in his Language Matters blog series.

This piece challenges our perceptions of ‘behaviour’ – do we know why our student behaves the way they do? Or do we assume it’s simply ‘bad’ behaviour?

Take your own development to the next level by reading Jack’s precious thoughts on the matter.

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Richard Ashelford

Learn From Your Students

Richard Ashelford returns to the Qualified Tutor Blog to discuss the importance of learning from your own students.

Through the power of the wonderful stories Richard can refer to from his tutoring, you will learn how to learn. What’s better than that?

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