Qualified Tutor: Our Story so far

Qualified Tutor was founded by Julia Silver in 2018 , with a powerful vision: to improve the world by improving tutoring.
As a headteacher, a tutor and a mother, Julia saw tutors as a vital, and under-served, group in the education space. Whilst teachers in schools receive regular training and support, tutors seemed to be missing out.

Years on, Qualified Tutor is now the golden thread in the tutoring world, where tutors internationally come together to feel Safe, Skilled & Supported.
Julia and her circle of passionate educators have created accredited Tutor Training, bringing together the biggest ideas in pedagogy today with transformational blend of live participation and self-paced interaction. The Love Tutoring Community has grown from the roots up, with the most forward-thinking independent tutors and tutoring business leaders in the industry.
The Love Tutoring Festival has transformed the tutor events space. Tutors from all around the world look forward to each new event. Until 2022, all events were delivered remotely, but Qualified Tutor now create blended events where you can meet ‘In Real Life’ or access online.
The Qualified Tutor story is about making things better. Julia continually builds alliances with the leaders in the world of tutoring, joining together to raise standards in our profession. When you have the pleasure of meeting Julia you will see it is all about the hearts and minds of each person she interacts with.
The team at Qualified Tutor is committed to continuing the vision to ‘Improve the world by Improving tutoring’. It’s been a joyful journey, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

Meet the team behind

Qualified Tutor

Meet the wonderful Qualified Tutor team.

The Qualified Tutor Team:

Julia Silver - Qualified Tutor founder and CEO

Julia Silver

Founder, Chief Ideas Creator

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Odette Wohlman -Qualified Tutor Team

Odette Wohlman

Business Development
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Adrian Conway - Education in Qualified Tutor

Adrian Conway

Education Lead + Coach
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Hannah Liversidge - Assistant at Qualified Tutor

Hannah Liversidge

Business Operations
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Georgina Green - Qualified Tutor Business Coach

Georgina Green

Business Coach
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Jack Simmonds - Qualified tutor coach

Jack Simmonds

SEND Coach + Live Group Session Facilitator
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Sarah-Lynn Hodder - Wellbeing coach with Qualified Tutor

Sarah-Lynn Hodder

Wellbeing Coach
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Ludo Millar - Qualified Tutor

Ludo Millar

QT Consultant
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How we Define Excellence in Tutoring:

Tutor Training

Whether you are just starting out or an experienced educator, our live & blended tutor training is developed for you through engaging, creative and innovative content. 

Love tutoring festival events - 2023 events for tutors

Love Tutoring Community

A heart-led free active, engaged, and supportive community curated by tutors, for tutors around the world. 

Love Tutoring Festival events - week of tutoring courses, tutor learning, tutor development

Love Tutoring Events

Tutor-focused events to bring tutors like you together. Join us to learn, grow and develop across a selection of events throughout the year.

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all about our Tutor Training, The Love Tutoring Community or our Love Tutoring Events, or wish to discuss partnerships, please get in touch.

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