Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves 

We are brought together with one connection above all – that Tutoring is Not Plan B.

We curate courses that accelerate tutors and help them shine. 

We have developed a thriving community with peer-to-peer support, advice, and expert-led sessions to continue personal & professional development among tutors. 

We enable tutor agencies to stand above the rest, offering unique training, self-paced learning, and their own digital space for their tutors to connect & foster strong relationships. 

We can’t wait to welcome you, come and meet the team behind the journey.

Who we serve


Independent Tutors

Tutoring is hard. It’s lonely, the work is unpredictable, and it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it right. But tutoring as a job makes sense — the hours are flexible, you can work from home and it can pay well.
Of course, tutoring can also be incredibly rewarding. The relief in a parents’ smile, the bounce in a student’s arrival, the moments of earnest concentration, endless patience or downright silliness, the time flying by, the thank you notes months later — those are the things that keep us going.
We know all this because we’re tutors too. We’ve experienced the highs and the lows, and we’ve designed Qualified Tutor to help you build some solid foundations from which you can love tutoring all the more.


Tutor Agencies

Tutoring is an increasingly crowded space, and you can no longer rely on geography to differentiate your business.
To differentiate yourself to clients, your agency needs to have the best tutors, and you need to be able to show this to your clients.
Training is the best way to boost your recruitment and retention. By investing in your tutors’ professional development, you establish a high standard as the norm. You help them to feel supported, motivated and enabled. You build loyalty and professionalism.
There are lots of ways to work with us to bring training to your tutors. Contact us for more information. We’ll have a chat and tailor a training solution to your needs.


Tutor Organisations

We are trusted by NTP Tuition Partners and local authority-funded organisations to train hundreds of tutors each month.
Our highly-effective training programs will ensure that your tutors are ready to go into schools or other provisions with a solid understanding of what is expected of them and how to have the greatest possible impact.
We provide training on safeguarding, behaviour management, pedagogy and inclusion in a supportive online space. Our training routes are proven and trusted by NTP partners and national organisations working with local authorities.
Contact us to find out about the various ways we can work to support you and your tutors. Let us enable you to provide the highest-quality professional development to all your tutors.

Helping Tutors Flourish

Tutoring is demonstrably more effective, more sustainable and more future-proof than the classroom.

When computer learning takes over curriculum delivery, we will still need a trusted tutor to lead and facilitate students. Relationship must remain at the heart of learning if we are to raise well-adjusted, empathetic humans.

With the reliance on tutors rising each year, it is time that tutors had our own trusted standard of excellence. But tutoring is complex, it is simultaneously niche, and wide-ranging. It is bespoke and it is boundaryless.

A trusted standard that includes all the different types of tutors and enables us to continue to hone our craft must represent and embrace a holistic, yet nuanced approach to tutoring.

Qualified Tutor actively seeks to represent emerging best practice in tutoring.

We bring together expert and novice tutors, and tutor leaders to ask the questions and find the answers to what excellence in our field might mean.

Join the community to join the conversation. We need to learn from you.

Our team of Big Thinkers

Julia Silver

Founder, Chief Ideas Creator

Passionate about improving things for students by training the adults who work with them, I founded Qualified Tutor in 2019 to raise standards in tutoring.

I advocate for an approach to education that makes more sense, focusses on the process rather than the outcome and takes an holistic view of teaching and learning.

My favourite things are cuddling my kids, creating new relevant courses with my team, and chocolate, of course!

Ludo Millar - qualified Tutor community and courses for tutors

Ludo Millar

Podcaster & Agency Connector

A tutor since 2012, I head up QT’s sales & marketing, podcast, social media and digital communications ever since the earliest days. With a passion for inspiring confidence in both my students and fellow tutors, I am excited about the future of professionalism within the tutoring industry and welcome all tutors who are committed to their practice.

As host of the Qualified Tutor Podcast since March 2020 (over 10,000 downloads and counting), I have been at the forefront of the conversation on tutoring for a while, understanding the sector and ensuring the brightest minds in the industry are given a platform to share their knowledge (and school report stories!). If you’d like to be a guest, please drop me an email. 

While he’s not booking in guests, editing the pod and liaising with agencies, you’ll find Ludo taking part in just about every sport there is. 

Next stop: badminton.

Georgina Green

Community Co-Ordinator

I am a personal tutor and founder/owner of Green Tutors. I am also the community co-ordinator for our LTC Connect membership, and the science hub leader.

Having worked and studied in science since leaving university in 2005 (Forensic Science, BSc), I founded Green Tutors in 2011 to share her passion for STEM learning. This is a passion carried since childhood, but lost temporarily in the overwhelm of exams. I am keen to support other students with reaching their exam goals while growing a love of learning.

Since 2011 I have recruited a team of tutors working and studying in STEM fields to inspire more students into STEM paths. I also participate in STEM workshops and careers events in local schools as a volunteer. I have worked with organisations such as STEMazing and ELSA Next Generation to deliver inspirational STEM workshops in local schools.

From 2005 I was an analytical scientist in various analytical and research roles, leaving in 2021 to focus on my tutoring business.

Since March 2020 I’ve been the host of the Tackling Tutoring Online community, sharing resources and coaching for tutors and teachers to bring their teaching business online during the pandemic.

When not working in these roles (or as a landlady!) I enjoy weight lifting, live music and comedy shows, playing guitar, reading crime fiction, drinking tea with various friends and family around the country, and hanging out with my animals at home.

Courses for tutors

Adrian Conway

Educational Programming

I love anything to do with education! Following my teaching career, tutoring was a not so obvious choice, but one that needed to be improved and recognised and so, working with Julia, they committed to raising standards in tutoring and give it the recognition that it deserved. What a long way we have come! I work closely with Julia on a strategic level devising and creating new products and services, delivering the live 4 part course, which I love incidentally, and on the sales side working with potential partners and clients.

Following on from my own experiences of learning as a child I’ve made it my raison d’etre to give everyone the opportunity to develop and improve their own education and to discover talents that they didn’t know they had. This is something that still drives me now! 

On a personal level, I have three fantastic daughters and a gorgeous wife. My youngest daughter is 16 and the eldest 24, with one slap bang in the middle at 20. They keep me and my wallet very busy!

I love rugby and still played until I was 50 and sustained an injury whilst playing, which involved operations and metal plates. Say no more! I’ve now resigned to the fact that I should only be watching the game and will watch at any opportunity.

I live rurally in Cumbria on the edge of the Lake District and have a small zoo, with 20 sheep, 2 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats and a corn snake! Just missing an ark!

Qualified Tutor courses - accredited courses for tutors and tutor agencies - Ayala Malka

Ayala Malka

Course Administrator & Brand Strategist

I have been working as a graphic designer for over 10 years and loves the design process.

I joined QT from the very beginning and I have loved creating QT’s images, marketing materials, and resources. I thrive most under pressure and I’m thrilled to be part of such a hard-working and growth-minded team – who certainly make sure to keep me on my toes!

When not working, my no. 1 hobby is playing netball, closely followed by hiking and spending time outdoors.

Dr Elizabeth Fancourt

Course Assessor

Having completed a PhD, I decided to utilise my skillset in a different direction to train as a primary teacher and, over subsequent years, have had many senior leadership roles as well as becoming a Specialist Leader of Education. My teaching experience has been throughout the primary age range, and this has given me a clear understanding of pedagogy, teaching, learning and assessment, from the ages of five to eleven.

In 2021, myself and a colleague set up a successful and continuously growing tutoring company. Soon after, I began working with Qualified Tutor as an assessor for the Level 3 and CPD courses. More recently, I have taken on the role of Assessment Lead overseeing assessment for all of Qualified Tutor’s courses, as well as becoming part of the coaching team.
It is a joy to work with and alongside such a positive community which commits to developing tutors through a supportive network.

In my spare time, I love to paint and walk. You can often find me on the beach making the most of the sunshine, or halfway up a mountain trying to conquer my fear of heights!

Focus groups for tutors and tutor agencies to learn and grow

Jack Simmonds

Fortnightly Facilitated Focus Group Host & Unique Course Creator

I am intent on creating a kinder world. I wear many hats, working in all different kinds of learning environments. 

My passion is finding ways to engage the most disengaged students. 

I am delighted to be the resident Facilitator within LTC Connect, for our Fortnightly Facilitated Focus Groups which cover a diverse range of subjects to encourage conversation and growth. 

I can’t wait to explore your ideas about learning on the QT Course and in the community.

accredited courses for tutors in the UK - Hannah Liversidge Tech Administrator

Hannah Liversidge

Techie Administrator

A technology-lover at heart, I am here to help the team, the tutors, and the agencies that we work with feel like the technology is helping, not hindering them. 

With the assistance of our resident automations and development team, we are working behind the scenes to make sure everyone who comes to play with the Qualified Tutor business, is cared for and knows they will receive qualifications and support quickly and efficiently. Whether as an independent tutor just looking for a supportive community, or an agency looking for a way to accelerate their tutors with courses that make a difference, I am here to help you. 

While I am not squealing with excitement at the next new way we can make your process smoother when you become a part of the Qualified Tutor community, I am walking my dog in a forest, sipping a cocktail, or enjoying a meal in a pub garden! 

Let's transform tutoring

If you want to find out more about how we can help transform the world of tutoring, whether through courses, training, or for your tutor agency, please get in touch.

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