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About Qualified Tutor

Raised standards for tutors means better outcomes for students.

Here at Qualified Tutor, we believe every student should have the opportunity to benefit from the supportive experience of working with a tutor. Unfortunately, as valuable as it is, tutoring has been neglected by mainstream education for too long.

It’s past time to bring tutoring out of the shadows and to shine a light on what effective tutoring can mean for all students.

Like any other profession, tutoring needs its own professional standard in order to create transparency for tutors, parents and all stakeholders involved.

This standard must be based on a sound understanding of teaching and learning, so that whatever a tutor’s subject or phase, they understand how to make the most of every interaction with their students.

The best way to make the change in tutoring from an unregulated industry to a regulated profession is not through a top-down imposition from above, but through a grass roots commitment to raising standards.

This is what the Qualified Tutor quality mark is all about.

As we gather friends — tutors, agencies and organisations — who are committed to professional development, investing in training and qualifying tutors, we are creating a new norm.

Tutoring is changing. Are you ready to join us?