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Meet the Team

Julia Silver

Julia Silver BA, QTS, NPQH

Founder and CEO

Passionate about improving things for students by training the adults who work with them, Julia founded Qualified Tutor in 2019 to raise standards in tutoring.

Julia advocates for an approach to education that makes more sense, focusses on the process rather than the outcome and takes an holistic view of teaching and learning.

Adrian Conway

Adrian Conway BEd, QTS, MA, NPQH

Head of Educational Programming

I love anything to do with education! Following my teaching career, tutoring was a not so obvious choice, but one that needed to be improved and recognised and so, working with Julia, we committed to raising standards in tutoring and give it the recognition that it deserved.

Following on from my own experiences of learning as a child I have made it my raison d’etre to give everyone the opportunity to develop and improve their own education. This is something that still drives me now!

Ludo Millar

Ludo Millar BA (Oxon)

Chief Marketing Officer

A tutor since 2012, Ludo has headed up QT’s sales, marketing, podcast, social media and digital communications ever since the earliest days. With a passion for inspiring confidence in both his students and his fellow tutors, Ludo is excited about the future of professionalism within the tutoring industry and welcomes all tutors who are committed to their practice.

If you’d like to feature as a guest on the Qualified Tutor Podcast, drop Ludo a message here.

Dave Harris

Dave Harris BA

Chief Operations Officer

With a background in languages and TEFL Education Management, Dave has taught English in Beijing, London and Stockholm to students from all walks of life. In 2012, he moved into online tuition with a focus on Business English for busy professionals both native and non-native speakers.

He now designs and teaches online English courses and has worked with all kinds of businesses and individuals including Citibank, Microsoft/Bing, Nielson, Embassies, Architects, Chiropractors, business owners and University students.

He is very excited to be part of the QT team, helping tutors to get the training and recognition their vital role deserves.

Jolyon White

Jolyon White PhD MBA BSc MRSB

Vice President Sales

Jolyon began his career in academia teaching biotechnology to chemical engineering students, supervising masters and doctoral projects and researching into processes for advanced manufacturing. Throughout his career he has been involved in projects at the interface between companies from different parts of the World and between industry and academia. He has acquired extensive experience in aligning disparate stakeholder groups to common strategies and objectives, through united vision and mission. Jolyon has taught science in secondary schools. He is currently tutoring GCSE students to help them catchup from the pandemic. He encourages innovation and he passionately believes in helping people understand how science impacts their lives, now and in the future.

Amanda Cremona

Amanda Cremona MAEd (SEN)

Tutor Coach

With extensive practical experience and a Masters in SEN Education, Amanda is passionate about finding ways to enable her students to be confident, self motivated learners. Amanda specialises in tutoring students with specific needs. She finds it really rewarding to share her skill set with other educators to enable them to perhaps think ‘outside the box’ with their teaching strategies when working with special need students.

With a belief that there is always something new to learn, Amanda hopes to inspire educators to keep open minded, to keep learning, and to share their own knowledge within the field.

Ayala Malka

Ayala Malka


Ayala has experience in the education sector, albeit in a slightly different way. Ayala worked as a PE/dance teacher and managed a busy school office for over 7 years. Another hat she wears is that of a graphic designer and she has developed QT’s image and resources from the very beginning. Although admin and designing are her forte, she’d much rather be playing netball….

Jack Simmonds

Jack Simmonds

Course Facilitator

Jack is intent on creating a kinder world. He wears many hats, working in all different kinds of learning environments. His passion is finding ways to engage the most disengaged students. Jack can’t wait to explore your ideas about learning on the QT Course and in the community.