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Qualified Tutor Community –> Love Tutoring Community

There have been some changes here at QT over the past few months.

Here, Ludo guides you through a short history of the Community and details what the change from Qualified Tutor Community to Love Tutoring Community really means for you and your business.

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CPD: Why We Should Keep Moving Forward

‘Every educator needs to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better’ – Dylan Wiliam —————————————————————————- As a

CPD: Why We Should Keep Moving Forward

In a debut piece for the QT Blog, Andrea Gadsbey sets out the stall for training and CPD in tutoring.

With a nod towards the QT Community and QT’s suite of courses, Andrea challenges all of us to continually improve our service and skills, supported by our community.

The Birth of Qualified Tutor

Julia Silver, Founder of Qualified Tutor, delivers a powerful origin story. Training and professionalism in tutoring are here to stay – Qualified Tutor will be there for you all the way.

Q&A with Community Member, Rosanna Killick

In the third instalment of this inspiring Q&A series, we speak to Community Member and experienced tutor, Rosanna Killick, about her tutoring ethos and tips for challenging students.

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