Ludo Millar

Creating a Values-Driven and EQ-Led Education Business for Students and Mentors: The Story Behind Oppidan Education, with Founders Henry Faber and Walter Kerr: Podcast Transcript

Henry Faber and Walter Kerr came together to build Oppidan Education 6 years ago. Their journey has led them to become one of the most exciting and ambitious education business in the UK, and has helped develop the lives and careers of hundreds of mentors and hundreds more students.

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Anthonia Eddo

The Reality of the ‘New Normal’

Anthonia Eddo is the Founder of Leading Lingual, which caters for the language skills and needs of students around the world. As someone who’s seen the rise of online learning first hand, Anthonia is well acquainted with the stresses and strains contained within.

Here, Anthonia challenges us to consider what the ‘new normal’ really means for education, and whether the theories and philosophies of a certain American educational reformer from the 20th century can help us implement a new future for education.

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Omar Meho

Why you should have an Ableton tutor

Omar Meho is an artist and DJ from Britain, having played in some of the biggest clubs in the UK.

Music Workflow Academy, Omar’s educational mission, provides a range of services for customers, including music production lessons, mixing, mastering, tutorials, DJ lessons and more.

Here, he looks at how working with an Ableton tutor can take your DJing to the next level.

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Stick of multi-coloured rock sweet
Andrea Gadsbey

All Tutors are Teachers of Literacy

With verve, passion and a large helping of first-hand experience, Andrea Gadesby delivers a rallying cry to tutors of all subjects: we are all teachers of literacy.

Explained in the context of actual 2017 GCSE and KS2 exam paper questions, Andrea sets out the stall for why all educators must understand how vital good literacy skills are for educational development.

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Daniel Dipper

Dear Education Secretary

In typically eloquent and forthright language, Daniel Dipper pens a letter to the new Education Secretary, setting out a series of realistic requests and demands that will help set the right course both for the newly-incumbent minister and for the education sector itself.

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