Why the Time to Focus on Executive Function Skills is Now, with Founder of Executive Function Specialists, Sean McCormick

Quite why it’s taken us this long to get Sean McCormick onto the podcast, we will never know. But now we have, and now we’re very happy. Executive function skills are essential – find out how.

Giving Students the Tools for Autonomy, Empowering Parents to Understand their Child and Changing the Fabric of Mainstream Education: A Chat with Founder of the Young Fire Academy, Henry Dingle

Autonomy, responsibility, self-direction. These are basic tenets of Henry Dingle’s educational philosophy. In this slightly longer episode, find out why it’s important for you too.

Getting to Know the Platform Superprof: How One Brand Ambassador Explores Culture & Identity through Language Learning, with Pablo Buey

Pablo is a Brand Ambassador of the hugely popular tutoring platform, Superprof. Pablo is also a veritable polyglot (a speaker of multiple languages) and he has a wonderful vision for language learning.

How We Can Inspire Students to Go Further through Inquiry-Based Learning, with Founder of How Cool Is That?, Reuven Tzalmona

If you find an educator with the energy for inspiring children’s passion for learning, get in touch. Reuven Tzalmona delivers hands-on STEM workshops for kids (and parents, too): they’re electric.

Teaching Key Life Skills to Children: Empowering Students through Legal Education, with Founder of Little Lawyers, Fiona Mills

Fiona Mills is a pretty unique tutor. Unique because she’s also a practising, qualified lawyer. This allows Fiona to deliver her passion project: legal and life skills for children.

Upgrade Your Tutoring Business and Improve Your Confidence-Building Skills as a Tutor, with Sumantha McMahon

Sumantha has a wealth of experience in both the entrepreneurial and teaching fields. And tutoring was life-changing for her – what do you need to upgrade your education business?