Learning to Unlearn & Learn Again: How One Expert in Training & Development Can Create a Powerful Approach to Progress for You and Your Students, with COO of Eximus Education, Misbah Iqbal

“Unless you are ready to unlearn and learn again, you will never be able to go further” – it is this mantra that has allowed Misbah Iqbal to develop into the leader and educator that she is today. Now you get to try it too.

Tailored Support for Students: How to Overcome Anxiety & Stress and Ensure a Love of Learning Can Flourish, with Lauren Johnston

Lauren Johnston has so much passion and energy for education that she went and set up a business. Lauren Johnston Tutoring is the product of years of first-hand experience and an MSc in Business Strategy, Leadership and Change converging into one.

Financial Literacy for Teens: What Tutors & Parents Can Do To Prepare Students for the Important Decisions in Life, with Founder of Isabel Explains, Isabel De La Cruz

Isabel De La Cruz does something very few other tutors do: financial literacy for that age-group we call teenagers. It is at this age where the crucial intersection between (lack of) knowledge and responsibility for decisions is at its most strained.

Designing an Evidenced-Based Programme for the Tutoring Sector: What the National Tutoring Programme Can Teach Us About Social Mobility & Education, with Liberty King

Liberty King is one to watch. Formerly involved in the design of the first year of the National Tutoring Programme, Liberty now promotes and supports social mobility causes in the UK through PR and strategy consulting.

Qualified Teachers in Tutoring: The Secrets Behind How to Make This Model Successful, with Founder of Capital Tuition Group, Matthew Curnier

We hear many stories of individuals moving from teaching to tutoring. Matthew Curnier did so around 5 years ago and his story brings with it a great deal of experience, wisdom and amusement …

A Heart-Led Approach to Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and the Dangers of Technology: Strategies for Students and Educators Alike, with Founder of Elements Hypnotherapy, Amy Solon

A former primary school teacher and mother to 2 girls, Amy Solon has an intuitive sense of what motivates, and distracts, children. Technology has never been such a potent force in our society – but how should we approach it?