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Qualified Tutor Community –> Love Tutoring Community

There have been some changes here at QT over the past few months.

Here, Ludo guides you through a short history of the Community and details what the change from Qualified Tutor Community to Love Tutoring Community really means for you and your business.


Victoria Burns returns to the QT Blog to set us a difficult question: what is our pursuit of ‘success’ in school really leading to? What kind of success are we creating for the students of today?

As ever, Victoria challenges and inspires in equal measure. This is one to discuss with peers … and students too.

Introducing the Superprof Learning Guide

Our friends over at Superprof have put together a wonderful Learning Guide for students returning to their education this (academic) year.

For any of you educators reading this, this Guide (link within) could be a great resource to pass on to your student(s) and may even contain a handful of concepts and learning strategies that you could incorporate into your own teaching.

Dear Education Secretary

In typically eloquent and forthright language, Daniel Dipper pens a letter to the new Education Secretary, setting out a series of realistic requests and demands that will help set the right course both for the newly-incumbent minister and for the education sector itself.

Will the Educational White Paper be effective?

Victoria Burns reflects on the latest announcement for the Department for Education: the Educational White Paper.

What does it mean for parents? For teachers? And most importantly, for students?