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Jack Simmonds

Connections Over Compliance #3: The Role of a Role Model

In part 3 of his new series titled ‘Connections Over Compliance’, Jack Simmonds explains the role of a role model in today’s society.

A recent comment by a British MP stirred some debate around what a role model should be. Jack’s piece here will show you how damaging these kinds of comments can be.

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Business of Tutoring
Ludo Millar

How to Balance Your Business Needs with Those of Your Student: The Tutoring Business Talk with Shola Alabi: Podcast Transcript

Shola Alabi delivers a masterclass on balancing the pedagogical needs of your student(s) with your business needs as an entrepreneur: it’s hard!

Shola has set up multiple tutoring business over the past 20 years, while also maintaining a high level of teaching quality for her many lucky students. Here’s how she did it …

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Andrea Gadsbey

CPD: Why We Should Keep Moving Forward

In a debut piece for the QT Blog, Andrea Gadsbey sets out the stall for training and CPD in tutoring.

With a nod towards the QT Community and QT’s suite of courses, Andrea challenges all of us to continually improve our service and skills, supported by our community.

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