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The Love Tutoring Festival – An Open Letter from Julia Silver

An Open Letter from Founder of Qualified Tutor, Julia Silver. A mission statement for what Qualified Tutor believe the future of tutoring can and will be in 2022, and beyond.

Read and be inspired. Read and join in. Read and book your tickets to the Festival 24-28th January at https://qualifiedtutor.org/love-tutoring-festival/.

Exhausted Teachers and Underused Tutors – How Can We Move Forward?

“Until you treat the wound, the plaster does nothing. And, as we know, most plasters run out of ‘stick’ before the wound has healed.”

Charlotte Watson has an excellent analogy for the initiatives that have been aimed at teachers for the past 20 years. It’s time for change.

Could tutors be a start?

The Love Tutoring Festival 2021 Report

Just over a month after we brought the Love Tutoring Festival 2021 to a close, we bring you … our shiny new Festival Report.

Let us know your thoughts in the Community or by contacting ludo@qualifiedtutor.org.

The Birth of Qualified Tutor

Julia Silver, Founder of Qualified Tutor, delivers a powerful origin story. Training and professionalism in tutoring are here to stay – Qualified Tutor will be there for you all the way.

Resilience: What it is and what it isn’t

Amanda Cremona has been an integral part of the QT Community since the very early days. Here, Amanda shares a powerful story of resilience; one which contains a level of vulnerability and honesty that we rarely see in the online sphere in this day and age. Read on to be inspired by Amanda’s journey