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Turning ‘Errors’ into ‘Experiments’

We welcome Jade Arthur to the Qualified Tutor Blog. A US-based verbal exam prep tutor and member of the National Tutoring Association, Jade also holds Advanced Certification, a highly regarded qualification level in the US.

This first piece is packed full of knowledge and nuance. A slight mind shift that will likely work wonders for you and your students.

Connections Over Compliance #1: Confirmation Bias and Low Self-Esteem


Jack Simmonds, QT’s incredible Lead Facilitator, returns for a new blog series, following on from his highly informative Language Matters series.

Here, Jack kicks us off with a look at the area of Confirmation Bias and how it can (negatively) impact a child’s understanding of their own ability.

Language Matters #5: Use Your Words

In the final part of his series on the importance of language, Jack Simmonds takes us through the (negative) impact of the phrase “Use your words.”

Instead, Jack suggests some alternative ways of approaching this situation and gives helpful guidance on the key areas to avoid in order to facilitate a more understanding relationship between educator and student.

Language Matters #4: Expressive and Receptive Communication

Jack returns for #4 in his new mini-series on the importance of language, and here, communication.

Have you heard of ‘expressive’ and ‘receptive’ communication? Now’s the time to jump in and learn about how and why some individuals may struggle with communication, including you yourself.

“Communication is much more than language”. Let’s hear it, Jack 👏

Language Matters #2: Autism Spectrum Condition

Jack Simmonds returns for the second in his new blog series on the importance of language in our approach to Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND).

This piece focuses on the area of Autism Spectrum Condition, a new-and-improved attitude towards Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the history behind where our understanding of autism first came from.

Language Matters #1: Deficits and Disorders

In the first of a new series on the importance of the use of language in how we view our learners, Jack Simmonds will be taking us through the latest research and social developments in this area.

In this first piece, Jack looks into the language of deficits and disorders, and how one pioneering researcher is changing perceptions.

Positive Regard, and its Application to the Qualified Tutor Training

Inspired by his reading of American psychologist, Carl R. Rogers, Jack turns our attention to the area of positive regard.

Haven’t heard of it? Jack breaks it down into manageable steps, applying it to the teaching & learning that take place on QT’s four-part training course.