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Introducing the Superprof Learning Guide

Our friends over at Superprof have put together a wonderful Learning Guide for students returning to their education this (academic) year.

For any of you educators reading this, this Guide (link within) could be a great resource to pass on to your student(s) and may even contain a handful of concepts and learning strategies that you could incorporate into your own teaching.

Tips for How to Capture a Student’s Full Attention Online

Superprof, in their second piece for the Qualified Tutor Blog, with a highly engaging article about what it really takes in 2021 (moving rapidly into 2022) to be an inspiring and effective online tutor.

How many of these tips do you know and make use of already?

How to Market Your Tutoring Business

Superprof, fresh off committing their support to the Love Tutoring Festival 2, pen a piece on how to market yourself as a tutor in 2021 (moving rapidly into 2022).

A huge amount to take from such an informative piece – let us know which strategies you end up implementing!