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Love Tutoring Festival

The Love Tutoring Festival is a celebration of tutoring in all its aspects.

We are pleased to announce the return of the Festival this coming January 2022. From Monday 24th January to Friday 28th January 2022, Qualified Tutor will be hosting LTF2.

With many speakers (old and new) confirmed already, we can’t wait to welcome back tutors, teachers, EdTech specialists, SEND experts, educators and more that make up our wonderful festival-goers.

Tutoring as a profession is here to stay. Tutors have been brought into our schools with the National Tutoring Programme. Parents have turned to tutors to support remote learning. In many cases, students have also relied on tutors to support their mental health and wellbeing. As we move into a new academic year, it is clear that students, parents and teachers across the globe will continue to rely on the support, experience and flexibility of tutors.

Tutoring has also become an excellent career choice. More people, of all ages and backgrounds, are discovering that tutoring is both flexible and fulfilling. We at Qualified Tutor have had the great privilege of training and qualifying hundreds of tutors in the past 12 months, and we welcome more into our Community daily.

About the Festival

The Love Tutoring Festival is an incredible programme (held virtually again this coming year) of free events – keynote presentations, workshops, live podcasts and practical demonstrations spread out over a whole week. And don’t worry – everything will be recorded, so as long as you’re enrolled, we’ll give you access to any of the events that you miss later on.

We’re also offering a limited number of tickets for our famous CPD-Accredited Workshops. If you purchase a ticket to any or all of these practical and engaging workshops, you’ll also receive a certificate of completion after the event and lifetime access to the recordings.

Event Schedule

Hover mouse over the schedule to magnify. Or CLICK HERE to download a PDF.

LTF schedule

Swipe the schedule to see the events for each day.

*CPD-Accredited Workshops will be available for the price of £35 per workshop, or £68 for the full bundle of 6 workshops.
**If you have a product or service you’d like to showcase at the Tutors’ Marketplace, please email

Event Sponsors

Event Registration

Choose a package below to attend not only the 26 free online events happening across the week, but also our valuable CPD workshops.

Or CLICK HERE if you’re only interested registering for the Free Event Pass at this time.

Free Events Pass

Free Events Pass + One CPD Workshop

Take your pick of one of our CPD-Accredited Workshops.

Cost: £35

  • How to Smash Every First Tutoring Session
  • Tutoring Online
  • Powerful Feedback
  • For Teachers Who Tutor
  • Supporting Students’ Learning and Living Needs
  • Supporting Students’ Mental Health

Afterward, we’ll send you a CPD Certificate of Completion for the workshop you attended.

Full CPD Pass

Free Events Pass + Full CPD Pass

This package includes all six CPD-Accredited Workshops.

Cost: £68

It’s a crazy price, of course it is.

But this may be the only time we deliver these workshops live and we really want you to be there.

Click to view full workshop descriptions

Afterward, we’ll send you a CPD Certificate of Completion for each of the workshops you attended.

£68.00Register Now

Group Coaching

Free Events Pass + Full CPD Pass + Group Coaching

Includes all six workshops, as well as a group coaching session.

Cost: £125

Whether you’re a tutor or a tutoring business owner, coaching will take your tutoring to the next level. Let us know what you want to discuss and we will find an expert from within our community to support you personally.

Afterward, we’ll send you a CPD Certificate of Completion for each of the workshops you attended.

£125.00Register Now

Free Events Pass

Register to join us for any (or all) of the 26 free online events happening across the week!

£0.00Register Now

Don’t Forget World Tutors’ Day!

And for a really special boost, get involved in World Tutors’ Day 2nd July. We’ve launched this awareness day to give students a chance to say ‘thank you’ to their tutors. Because it’s their appreciation that keeps us going.

By giving a voice to every type of tutor, and the unique ways we make a difference, we aim to serve and inspire the profession to continue to love tutoring.