A-Level English Literature Tutor Skills Audit



As a tutor, it is essential to show your ability to teach and tutor on your specific subjects. With the QT Skills Audit, you will have the opportunity to receive a Qualified Tutor or Higher Qualified Tutor status in your subject. This verification is received via a digital quality mark, that you are able to share online, in marketing, and on your website through the Qualified Tutor membership card which you receive automatically upon requesting to take this or any QT test.

These audits are designed to evaluate pedagogical expertise and are intentionally rigorous, and should take around 45 minutes to complete.

To achieve Qualified Tutor status you will need to achieve a minimum of 60%
If you achieve above 90% you will be recognised as a Higher Qualified Tutor.

Results will be shown at the end of the test and your Qualified Tutor digital credential will be updated within 72 hours of passing.


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