Special Educational Needs and Wellbeing Specialist Hub

£20.00 / month

The SEND Hub is your online staffroom and networking community. You can develop your subject knowledge, share new ideas, good practice and hear from other SEND educators. It is a safe space to gain strategies, share expertise and ask questions that will help to develop your practice and raise outcomes for some of our most vulnerable children.


The SEND & Wellbeing hub is a hive of activity that will challenge and inspire you to think creatively about how you work and connect with neurodiverse students and those with special educational needs. While also providing you with the tools and support needed to develop mentally and emotionally resilient teens. 

Our sessions will give you the tools to support students with particular needs such as autism, Tourettes and ADHD and will empower you to try new ways of working using modern insights, research, and approaches. Throughout the year we will have special guests who will spark discussion around their areas of specialism and provide insight into strategies that support some of our most vulnerable students.

We welcome educators working beyond the classroom and parents who are home educating. Our sessions will blend scientific understanding with practical and effective resources to build your confidence in supporting the children within your community. 

 Remember: Tutors Need Tutors!


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