STEM: Maths & Science Tutors’ Specialist Hub

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TheSTEM: maths and science Hub is an online staffroom for maths and science educators. A place to share ideas, good practice and resources, A place to hear from other maths and science educators, and a place to connect, building relationships, so we all improve together.

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The Stem: Maths & Science Specialist Hubs are running fortnightly events within the Qualified Tutor Community.

The fortnightly events will be live workshops and discussions to help and support your maths and science teaching and tutoring. There will be opportunities to hear from guest speakers on a variety of topics, to see and test resources, and to share our own best practice as a community of STEM educators.

The STEM Hub is a place to connect with other STEM teachers and tutors, to network, to gain fresh ideas, to grow together.

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