Upgrade to Level 3: Add-on to the 4-part CPD Course

Qualified Tutor’s Level 3 Award in Education and Training builds on the 4-part CPD accredited Course. It covers the foundations of teaching and learning, and will help you to think like an educator. 

The Level 3 takes your thinking a stage further with 3 additional units spread over 4 weeks.


  • Unit 5: Powerful Feedback
  • Unit 6: Live Topic Review & Observed Sessions
  • Unit 7: Assessment Portfolio


To join this course you must have already completed the 4 units of the 4-part CPD course. If you are not sure, please contact ayala@qualifiedtutor.org to check your eligability.


Beyond the 4-part course

The Level 3 takes things to a much deeper level with an assessed tutoring session, peer observations and a written portfolio to help you show your learning.

Guided tutoring practice

The most exciting feature of the Level 3 is the assessed tutoring session where you can hone your tutoring skills and implement what you have learnt. You get expert feedback that you can fold into your tutoring as part of the process of ongoing, continual development.

Setting yourself apart

Once you've completed the Level 3, you will receive your Certificate. The Level 3 is run by Qualified Tutor Ltd and is accredited by Highfield Qualifications.


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