Introducing the Superprof Learning Guide

Setting off to study at university is exciting.

Finally, our lives begin! Til now, our every move and action has been guided, directed or overseen by someone in charge. Now, we’re in charge of ourselves. But we never really learned how to do that, did we?

Rest easy.

Nobody wants to take charge of you and your way of doing things. Instead, how about giving you a handbook to start your university studies on the right foot?

Superprof’s Learning Guide is packed with the kind of information first-year university students need but all too often can’t find. At least, not all in one place. This well-researched, engagingly presented guide covers everything from scientific research on aspects of learning to how too much coffee affects academic performance.

As a fresher/freshman, you’ll need to figure out the study strategies that work best for you. You’ll also need to know what tools are available to optimise your study. The Learning Guide contains a side-by-side comparison of the best apps to help you work. At a glance, you’ll see a list of each app’s functions, how much they cost and the devices they’re available for. The Guide goes on to describe each app in-depth.

Getting organised is one of the undergrad student’s biggest challenges. Many stress over managing schedules and revision times, organising their ideas before committing them to paper and finding the right tools to work on group projects. Here again, the Learning Guide introduces students to a variety of organisational tools with at-a-glance comparisons followed by longer descriptions of each application.

Throughout most students’ academic careers, they’ve been told what to do and maybe how to do it.

Seldom are they educated on why it must be done.

Take sleeping, for example. Every student knows they have to get enough sleep. After all, there had to be a reason caregivers were firm about bedtimes. But few students would connect getting enough sleep with brain power and absorbing knowledge. The Learning Guide explains the science behind sleep’s restorative functions. It then presents a few apps students can use to help them meditate, relax and drift off.

As a bonus, the Learning Guide comes thoroughly annotated. For instance, should you need to find works to cite for a paper on memorisation techniques, you can refer to the Learning Guide’s citation for the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. The Guide cites 21 academic works and provides links to the source material. Not only does this establish the guide’s authenticity but it provides students with a starting point for their own research.

This guide gives students tools to better understand themselves and how they learn. It arms them with information about learning tools so they can make decisions on their own. The Superprof Learning Guide is like the information incoming university students receive during Freshers’ Week. Only, it doesn’t talk about clubs, classes or dorm life. It covers students’ personal development and delivers an array of choices.

This learning guide empowers as much as it informs.


Who are Superprof?

Superprof provides a platform which acts as an amazing directory site for tutors and teachers to connect. With a network of over 1,000,000 (that’s right, 1 million) tutors already signed up, they offer a range of services at a range of prices. This is a great way for independent tutors to get started with building their reputation, or for more experienced tutors to increase their reach.

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