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Discover a buzzing community for tutors to connect, learn, and develop our businesses & wellbeing together.

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Discover fellow Tutors

Specialist hubs put together with supportive hub leaders to help you develop within your subject. The hub leaders in here have been there and done that, so you can ask them any questions, as well as connect with fellow tutors in the Wellbeing, Science, SEMH, English and Maths hubs.

Expert Sessions & Speakers

We invite the speakers that matter into our community to help you develop and grow your tutoring business, your wellbeing, and your personal development. Discover the experts in their field who share exclusive live and recorded sessions including wellbeing tips, business growth, and much more.

Fortnightly Facilitated Focus Groups

Join in twice a month and focus on your growth. These sessions will cover a specific topic with our incredible facilitator, Jack Simmonds. From growth to how to help with anti-bullying and anything in between, these truly are not to be missed!

Goodies & Discounts

We love to give back to our members, so whether it's a juicy discount on our courses or extra sessions, to a goody in the mail for being an ambassador for the community, expect goodies and discounts exclusive to you.

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If you’re looking for a new way to grow your tutor business, or a space for your tutors to connect & develop their learning, then the LTC Connect membership is just for you.

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"A buzzing community for tutors to connect, learn, and develop our businesses & wellbeing together."

Discover the experts in your subject - the hubs we offer our members

Find support and advice for your tutoring business in the LTC Connect Membership

The Business of Tutoring Hub

This hub aims to support your growth as a tutoring business whether you are operating as a sole trader or a company, just starting out or beginning to scale. We have one meet up and two livestreams each month as well as weekly posts where you can learn skills, network and develop as a business. Please feel free to ask any business questions - we are pretty proud of our Hive Mind!

Online membership and support for science tutors

The Science Hub

This hub aims to help those who are tutoring in science, whether you are part of an agency or a sole trader.
Expect to discover engaging posts, updates and expert sessions exclusively created for you. Please feel free to use this space to ask any questions about science tutoring, we are here to support one another!

The English Hub
This hub is made exclusively for English tutors to connect and discover new ideas. A supportive community of English tutors to collaborate, learn and share best practice. Please get your creative ideas flowing and use this hub to ask any questions you may have about tutoring English.

The Maths Hub

Maths tutors unite! Welcome to the hub that is created just for you to discuss your maths tutoring. This community is here to support your tutoring, learn new ways to teach, and ask any questions you have about tutoring in the world of Maths. All are welcome, and this is a supportive and open group for all LTC Connect members.

Wellbeing for tutors

The Wellbeing Hub

The wellbeing and mental health hub is all about helping you, as a tutor, manage your emotional and mental wellbeing. Developed and managed by the fabulous Sarahlynn Hodder, join this hub for exercises, support, and implementable tools to manage your mindset.

The SEMH Hub

The SEMH Hub is all about sharing support for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Actionable ideas, insights, and support are shared within this hub.

membership options and courses for tutors

A collection of expert tutors in each subject for you to connect with in your own hubs as well as the main community.

What's included?

Focus on your tutoring business with specialist hubs, community connection, and your very own support network so you know you can ask any questions of people who have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt!

Fortnightly Facilitated Focus Groups so you can dive in and connect & develop your tutoring business twice a month. 


Join our fantastic facilitator, Jack Simmonds, who will guide you through selected topics fortnightly so you can give yourself the time you deserve to focus on your business. 

Tutoring is not plan b.

We believe tutoring should be a business that you love. That’s why our courses & our community are focused on helping you grow your tutoring business. 


You can sign up to the Love Tutoring Community Connect membership here – this will give you access to the FREE discussion group PLUS the LTC Connect exclusive content. 

This community is made by and for tutors. We know how it feels to be running your tutoring business, the ups and downs, and the decisions you have made to offer this transformative service to your students. This membership provides a supportive community that is filled with your peers, with courses & events just for you.

Membership is just £7.50 per month, and this includes a 14 day free trial so you can get to know all about what the community can offer you.

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