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Here at Qualified Tutor, we believe every student should have the opportunity to benefit from the supportive experience of working with a tutor. Unfortunately, as valuable as it is, tutoring has been neglected by mainstream education for too long.

It’s past time to bring tutoring out of the shadows and to shine a light on what effective tutoring can mean for all students.

Like any other profession, tutoring needs its own professional standard in order to create transparency for tutors, parents and all stakeholders involved.

This standard must be based on a sound understanding of teaching and learning, so that whatever a tutor’s subject or phase, they understand how to make the most of every interaction with their students.

This standard must be based on a sound understanding of teaching and learning, so that whatever a tutor’s subject or phase, they understand how to make the most of every interaction with their students.

The best way to make the change in tutoring from an unregulated industry to a regulated profession is not through a top-down imposition from above, but through a grass roots commitment to raising standards.

This is what the Qualified Tutor quality mark is all about.

As we gather friends — tutors, agencies and organisations — who are committed to professional development, investing in training and qualifying tutors, we are creating a new norm.

Tutoring is changing. Are you ready to join us?

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Who We Serve

The world is changing, and so is the nature of tutoring. Whether you’re an independent tutor, a small agency, or a large organisation, the choice is yours: Will you move and change with the times? If so, and if you’re ready to get started, Qualified Tutor holds the key to transforming your business.

Tutoring is hard. It’s lonely, the work is unpredictable, and it’s difficult to know if you’re doing it right. But tutoring as a job makes sense — the hours are flexible, you can work from home and it can pay well.

Of course, tutoring can also be incredibly rewarding. The relief in a parents’ smile, the bounce in a student’s arrival, the moments of earnest concentration, endless patience or downright silliness, the time flying by, the thank you notes months later — those are the things that keep us going.

We know all this because we’re tutors too. We’ve experienced the highs and the lows, and we’ve designed Qualified Tutor to help you build some solid foundations from which you can love tutoring all the more.

By training in a cohort, you’ll get to know other tutors, learn about how they approach tutoring, and even watch clips of them in action. You’ll get the reassurance of knowing we’re each having similar experiences. You’ll get to learn the up-to-date pedagogical thinking that will give you the tools and the confidence to tutor to the best of your ability.

Enrol today on the Level 3 Qualification for Tutors. It takes 6 weeks (with a commitment of up to three hours a week) and will give you the skill, the knowledge and the qualification to differentiate yourself as a Qualified Tutor.

Tutoring is an increasingly crowded space, and you can no longer rely on geography to differentiate your business.

To differentiate yourself to clients, your agency needs to have the best tutors, and you need to be able to show this to your clients.

Training is the best way to boost your recruitment and retention. By investing in your tutors’ professional development, you establish a high standard as the norm. You help them to feel supported, motivated and enabled. You build loyalty and professionalism.

There are lots of ways to work with us to bring training to your tutors. Contact us for more information. We’ll have a chat and tailor a training solution to your needs.

We are trusted by NTP Tuition Partners and local authority-funded organisations to train hundreds of tutors each month.

Our highly-effective training programs will ensure that your tutors are ready to go into schools or other provisions with a solid understanding of what is expected of them and how to have the greatest possible impact.

We provide training on safeguarding, behaviour management, pedagogy and inclusion in a supportive online space. Our training routes are proven and trusted by NTP partners and national organisations working with local authorities.

Contact us to find out about the various ways we can work to support you and your tutors. Let us enable you to provide the highest-quality professional development to all your tutors.

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