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How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

This week, we chatted to our friend Jack. We had a big conversation, as we always do, about how we must approach education for those that need it most.

Jack Simmonds is a tutor for Nudge Education, a talented musician and chorister and, of course, Qualified Tutor’s wonderful course facilitator and Community leader.

Jack has worked with many students over the years and recently, with Nudge, has found himself supporting students who are, as the title suggests, disengaged from school. This means that the traditional school system doesn’t have the time and/or space for them.

This is where tutors can step in and make a real difference. The content of this conversation will go a long way to altering your view on what bringing a smile, being empathetic and understanding neurodiversity really means.

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If we are to define education as making mistakes then trying to do it differently next time, then empathy really is the foundation of education

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