A Child-Centred Approach to School Placement Programmes, with the Co-Founder of EducAd Consulting, Yuliya Kosko

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Yuliya Kosko understands the difficulties that many parents find themselves in when it comes to their children’s education. That’s why EducAd Consulting was formed.

With a powerful shared vision of a high-quality, targeted approach to family support and to understand the whole needs of the family, parents and children, Yuliya and her co-founder, Ivona, along with their network of talented tutors, provide advice and tuition to a small but close-knit community of foreign-based families looking for high-quality British education.

It’s quite the vision.

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Next steps:

• If we’re constantly trying to get noticed and be different, then isn’t everything marketing?
• What do you do once you’ve ‘got different’?

We want to work with tutors who share our vision of a high-quality, targeted approach to family support

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