A Heart-Led Approach to Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and the Dangers of Technology: Strategies for Students and Educators Alike, with Founder of Elements Hypnotherapy, Amy Solon

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


A former primary school teacher and mother to 2 girls, Amy Solon has an intuitive sense of what motivates, and distracts, children. Technology has never been such a potent force in our society – but how should we approach it?

As Founder of Elements Hypnotherapy, Amy runs classes and courses for children and adults alike, focusing on the fundamentals of happiness, health and connection. The parent coaching branch of Amy’s work is inextricably tied in with an education of how we’ve become detached from our roots, and from nature.

Amy’s refreshing attitude towards these foundations is delicately borne out in this conversation, with an exploration of particular self-management strategies that have helped Amy find joy, solitude and tranquility.

Want to learn about the physiology of stress?
Want to learn how Amy helps educators overcome anxiety?
Want to work on your approach to intrusive technology encroaching on your daily schedule?

Find solace in and gain insights from an award-winning, qualified hypnotherapist and coach inside …

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I’m very heart-led in what I do … I have to have a very fundamental belief in both the process I’m working with and my principles

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