“A Powerful Tool for Focus”: What Tutors Can Learn from the Success of Rewards Programmes in Schools, with Founder of Great Little Rewards, Katie Tyndale

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


Incentivising students is something all parents and educators have grappled with. Katie Tyndale has created a solution. Great Little Rewards works with schools to motivate children to model good behaviours, and now it’s time tutors take part too.

With a background in HR and corporate services, Katie has learnt a great deal about management, logistics and operations. It is this, coupled with her heart-led attitude towards small business, that has created the force that is GLR today.

They are the sole suppliers of Explore Learning, a hugely successful organisation who have tuition centres up and down the country (just over 100 centres) and with GLR supplying all of them, that’s over 75,000 children they’re serving.

Alongside this, Katie has set up Copper Beach Trading: a logistics and delivery management company that provides all kinds of products for small businesses (hampers, wellness boxes, goodie bags, snack packs and more). 

A master in people-first support, for students and for small businesses.

Next steps:

At Great Little Rewards, we want to find ways to encourage the right behaviours that we know will lead students to success

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