A Vision of the Future: A New Structure for Schools to Maximise Learning

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Matthew Baetzhold is a Maths, Science and Writing tutor with a thorough knowledge of how classrooms and learning in schools work.

The conversation here puts forward suggestions for how a future in schools of collaboration between tutors and teachers would work. With an emphasis on reducing the burden, both in terms of planning and managing certain students, ‘tutors’ would take one-on-one sessions during school hours, while ‘teachers’ would deal with group sessions.

It may sound like sweeping changes, but it’s already being implemented in both the UK and the US.

While you’re mulling over what Matthew and Ludo are proposing, don’t forget to grab your tickets to Matthew’s upcoming TAGGS summit event, Of Math and Magic. You can find tickets for the FREE event, taking place this Saturday 10th April at 7:15pm BST, by clicking here.

“Some teachers have classes of 30 plus … you can’t put that many ideas in a single room”

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