Can You Put a Price on the Value of Tutoring, with Mike Michalowicz

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

What would it take for you to view yourself as a business?

Tutors are a business. An incredibly important business, for many students. The most successful tutors are those that take the greatest care of their own business. To maximise your students’ learning and ensure you can focus on their needs, you have to be safe in the knowledge that your financial future is secure.

Mike Michalowicz is a world-famous speaker and author in the field of small businesses and entrepreneurialism, building his knowledge off the back of losing it all and having to walk the path of recovery. He knows a thing or two about starting from the bottom.

Mike now leads a series of inspiring communities of motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners, led in their practice by the business techniques laid down by Mike over 15 years of expertise in the industry.

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