Continuing Professional Development in Tutoring: The Why and the How

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Interview with Martin Rowe, head of operations at the CPD Certification Service

Continuing Professional Development is an important and widespread fixture of the education sector.

And yet, it is not a widely available option for tutors.

Martin Rowe understands the significance of bringing this crucial facet of training to the world of tutoring. Over the course of the conversation, we explore why continuous training is such an essential part of a tutor’s service and how a lack of commitment to ongoing personal and professional development suggests a lack of care.

In a crowded space, training is a differentiator. This could not be more true than in the domain of tutoring where individual tutors, agencies and education charities compete for the finite pool of students and learners. Those who commit to improving their practice everyday will be those that shine through.

Qualified Tutor provide support, expertise and tutor training in light of the newly-announced National Tutoring Programme and, as the leading voice for such a programme, this is a coming together of experts in a crucial time for tutoring and education in Britain.

“Training differentiates people who are going places from those who aren’t.”

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