Henry Faber and Walter Kerr came together to build Oppidan Education 6 years ago. Their journey has led them to become one of the most exciting and ambitious education business in the UK, and has helped develop the lives and careers of hundreds of mentors and hundreds more students.

QT Podcast Host, Ludo, has been an Oppidan mentor since 2020 and it is this partnership and collegiality that allows the conversation here to shine. Henry and Walter have built an ethos that consists of high-quality, student-first education that ‘mentors the individual’, rather than ‘tutors the child’.

With their new charitable arm and their long history of working with schools, Oppidan Education as a brand continues to deliver and is trusted by so many families across the country.

Here, the two discuss the foundations of their business, the stresses and strains of paddling beneath the surface to create a happy, productive culture and the belief they hold that this is only just the beginning.

Next steps:

Good mentors are attuned to seeing other people’s needs, vulnerabilities and motivations quickly … and the one virtue that links all mentors is good emotional intelligence” – Walter