Creativity and Confidence: How the Music Curriculum will Benefit the Covid Recovery

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

If you’ve ever wondered how the music curriculum that shapes that the future of this country’s arts and culture is managed and developed, look no further than Steven Berryman.

Steven is currently the Director of Arts and Culture at the Odyssey Trust for Education and here shares his thoughts and expertise on why all students should continue to study the arts at school and, in particular, how arts and music learning will get us through this tricky period.

As Steven notes himself, ‘Learning an instrument isn’t going to transform you into Einstein … but it will revolutionise your development in resilience and confidence’ – listen in to find out how.

To find out more about Steven’s research into the power of learning an instrument and the importance of arts and music to the curriculum, catch two of his most celebrated blogs below:

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“Learning an instrument cultivates behaviours that will permeate other areas of learning”

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