Different is Better: How Tutors and Agencies Can Stand Out from the Rest

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Do you know how to be different?

Mike Michalowicz is committed to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. His latest book, Different is Better, brings together all of Mike’s tips, tools and experience in helping business owners thrive in competition.

In Mike’s second appearance on the pod (he joined us back in November), we’re going to be focusing on solutions in a crowded marketplace. We know that the field of tutoring can feel saturated and overly competitive. Mike has been helping business owners market themselves differently for years. And here we’re going to explore what this means for tutors and how differentiating factors work to help us stand apart from the rest.

Pre-order Different is Better today.

As it’s not released until September of this year, join us today in hearing Mike discuss it PRE-RELEASE …

“The only way you can get attention is to do something unexpected or different”

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