From Head Teacher to Head Tutor: Key Lessons Learnt Along the Way and How We Ensure Mental Health (for Student & Tutor) Stays at the Forefront, with Founder of MyTutorElite, David Bell

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


David Bell is an inspiration to us all. As a former teacher and headteacher for over 18 years, fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and now founder of a new tutoring business, David has seen it all in education.

MyTutorElite (part of the wider David Bell Educational group), a primary tuition and exam prep business, is the product of this experience and expertise. 

In a conversation packed full of honest insight and experience, David takes us from his early days as a student who struggled in the arts and sports, to his unwavering focus on mental health in education, to his transition to entrepreneurial tutoring company owner (and all that comes with it).

In between, he finds time to give 3 key pieces of advice for those who have left, or are thinking of leaving, the classroom – catch that from [19:23] onwards.

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Tutoring is a different kind of stress [to teaching] … but it’s my own kind of stress and I can control it

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