Giving Students the Tools for Autonomy, Empowering Parents to Understand their Child and Changing the Fabric of Mainstream Education: A Chat with Founder of the Young Fire Academy, Henry Dingle

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Autonomy, responsibility, self-direction. These are basic tenets of Henry Dingle’s educational philosophy. In this slightly longer episode, find out why it’s important for you too.

There is so much depth to this conversation – we advise listening to this in stages if you don’t have the full 45 minutes. There are key ‘chapters’ within this episode, such as:

[12:17] Henry’s philosophy behind bringing the best out of students
[14:55] Henry’s focus on why parents should be involved in the learning
[20:49] Henry’s view on mainstream education being more for parents than for students
[24:44] Henry’s realisation that confidence-building and relationship might be more important than academic success
[29:29] Henry’s cornerstones of effective tutoring and mentoring

… or find the chapters in the media player above …

From an exploration of the (faulty) education system as it currently is to a look at how he approaches the parent-tutor relationship, Henry takes us this way and that with his measured, eloquent style. It’s quite mesmeric and reflective of many years of educational thinking and theory.

Next steps:

If we don’t give students autonomy and choice, then tutoring just becomes a lame extension of a lame system

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