Helping You Put Profit First in Your Business, with Profit First Certified Master, Susanne Mariga

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

It’s not everyday you get expert advice for your business. But today’s your lucky day: Susanne Mariga stopped by to help you put Profit First in your business.

The list of Susanne’s achievements go on and on, most recently with Mariga CPA being selected as the Profit First firm of the year by the Profit First board.

Here, Susanne explains how the Profit First approach works and how you can implement it for your business today.

And thank you to The Profs for sponsoring this episode and Tuesday @ Love Tutoring Festival 2, taking place from Monday 24th – Friday 28th January 2022.

Next steps:

My advice to small business owners would always be: start with what winning looks like, and then determine how you’re going to get there mathematically

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