How The Tutors’ Association Supports Tutors

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

John Nichols, President of The Tutors’ Association, joined us to discuss how TTA are supporting and serving tutors in this tricky time.

TTA is the largest tutors’ membership body in Britain and, as such, play a crucial role in fostering and building relationships between individual tutors, tuition providers and policy-makers.

With the National Tutoring Programme at the forefront of tutoring and education today, Qualified Tutor and TTA come together to provide up-to-date advice and support to tutors looking to get involved in the programme.

Qualified Tutor provide support, expertise and tutor training in light of the newly-announced National Tutoring Programme and, as the leading voice for such a programme, this is a coming together of experts in a crucial time for tutoring and education in Britain.

“Sticking to a plan is the worst possible thing to do as a tutor … it scraps half the advantage of being one-to-one.”

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