How to Counter Imposter Syndrome, What This Means for Women in Tech and Why This Involves All of Us, with Carolyn Adagala

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

I want to bring about change and increase diversity in the world of tech“. This is the dream of speaker, writer and tech innovator, Carolyn Adagala. Who’s with Carolyn?

Carolyn has spent time in a number of top-level positions across several industries, including most notably the automotive industry. Along the way, Carolyn has seen a lot of women be restricted by a sense of overwhelm and self-doubt, what we know now as Imposter Syndrome.

But Carolyn’s also felt it herself too. And that’s what gives Carolyn that first-hand experience that is so important for everyone, including us educators.

Take your first steps to stepping over and beyond this self-doubt with Carolyn’s handy tips here …

And Carolyn has another project up her sleeve for us educators too – check it out from [21:52].

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You cannot fight something you do not know … the most important thing you can do to counteract Imposter Syndrome is to raise your awareness of it

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