How We Can Inspire Students to Go Further through Inquiry-Based Learning, with Founder of How Cool Is That?, Reuven Tzalmona

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

If you find an educator with the energy for inspiring children’s passion for learning, get in touch. Reuven Tzalmona delivers hands-on STEM workshops for kids (and parents, too): they’re electric.

Hailing from Toronto, Reuven was able to transform his live in-person, How Cool Is That? classes into online sessions when the lockdown first struck. But he’s always asserted that there is no replacing the in-person touch and feel of interactive learning. And since last year, he’s been running these sessions in person again, helping students (and parents) see the power of hands-on and inquiry-based learning, with experiments and projects such as Battle Tops, Marble Maze, Zipliner and Airplane Launcher.

Inquiry-based learning is the future of education – hear how you can be a part of it in this conversation …

Next steps:

Student-led learning is really where education happens

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