In Conversation with … Qualified Tutor Tier 1 Graduates #4

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Each cohort we take through this course builds on the last. It is truly inspiring to see the participants share and grow over the course of the 4 weeks, from safeguarding for tutors to discussions around SEND, mental health and wellbeing in the final session.

This fantastic cohort of qualified tutors, amongst which were several Sutton Trust alumni, retired teachers and a chef(!), was our first cohort in which we worked with tutors from independent agencies. This natural collaboration allowed our tutors to learn quickly and easily from one another, and it was proof that combining multiple agencies within a single cohort was a valuable decision.

The tutors who joined us in this cohort were:

  • Dolan Heaney
  • Richard Ashelford
  • Joe McKinney
  • Lucy Irving
  • Tanu Chaturbedi
  • Georgina Laye
  • Daniel Dipper
  • Zainab Alshubbar
  • Saidu Kamara
  • Iqra Butt
  • Tom Seddon
  • Kathryn Rouse
  • Nazia Ismail
  • Wendy Onslow
  • Kumudini Amaradasa
  • Seeja Manojkumar
  • Lakshmi Kulkarni
  • Kavya Bose
  • Dena Moussa
  • Amanda Cremona
  • Carole Shaw
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