In Flow with The Rapping Science Teacher: How to Use Music & Social Media to Help Produce Great Young Minds, with Founder of JGM Science Tutors, Matt Green

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


Matt Green is The Rapping Science Teacher. An experienced teacher turned viral sensation (for children and parents), Matt has come to understand the way students learn.

With a background in Neuroscience, Matt taught in schools for over 10 years, becoming Head of Chemistry in multiple schools. Following this, he left the classroom and set up JGM Science Tutors: his (first) vehicle for helping students with their understanding and confidence.

His second vehicle was spawned not long after that: The Rapping Science Teacher. Regular short-form (TikTok) and longer form (Youtube) videos explaining simple and more complex concepts in Science, designed to stick in the minds of listeners and watchers thanks to the catchy tunes and lyrics that Matt labours over to create (essentially a full-time artist, tutor, CEO, husband and father).

Whether you’re ‘into’ TikTok or not, Matt’s videos are amazing content and the ethos behind he does what he does proves to be just as amazing.

Welcome to The Rapping Science Teacher.

Next steps:

For me, getting into education and teaching was all about getting young people to understand things in a way that would be helpful, would build their confidence and take them from not knowing something to getting it and feeling satisfaction from it

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