Steven Berryman is the President-Elect of the Chartered College of Teaching. This is great reward for a teacher and curriculum designer who’s worked at the highest level for 15+ years.

In Steven’s 2nd appearance on the Qualified Tutor Podcast, we chatted openly about his upcoming role and the plans he has for the College, including increasing numbers, improving relationships with partners and ensuring best practices are shared to all educators, not solely classroom teachers.

Not forgetting Steven’s specialism in music education, we rounded off the conversation with a look at the important role music has played, and will play, in the Covid recovery, including how the arts subjects become such a key outlet for students’ wellbeing.

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Next steps:

Why become a member of the Chartered College? Why would you NOT take the opportunity to be involved in the conversation about your profession? That’s why we join professional bodies, because we want to have a voice in the conversation around the way, and why, we do what we do