Interview with Matthew Hood: Principal of Oak National Academy

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

20 million lessons delivered, 15 million hours of video already created and published … and we’re heading into a second lockdown.

The Oak National Academy was created in spring 2020 to seamlessly deliver virtual lessons as if school had never been disrupted. They have achieved this aim and much, much more – teachers have noted a hugely reduced workload and a markedly improved quality in teaching and learning for students and teachers.

Matt’s background as a classroom teacher, coupled with his unique ability to bring people together, has allowed the Academy to flourish and the platform has endless possible opportunities for growth, from recorded sessions, to SEND specialisms to bearing some of the burden of oversized classrooms and students who don’t suit the classroom model.

In this fast-paced and hugely informative episode, we speak to Matthew Hood, the Academy’s Principal, about his hopes for the future and how classroom teaching may have already changed forever.

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