It’s Time for Professional Tutors to Reach a Status in Society Alongside Doctors and Lawyers: Here’s How, with the Founder of The Profs, Richard Evans

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

It’s rare that a conversation as inspiring and ambitious like this lands in your ears. Take it in because Richard Evans will be leading the industry for a long time.

Richard, alongside his brother Leo, founded The Profs back in 2014 to combat the lack of professional tutors in the industry. Ever since, they have led the way in giving tutors a true career out of their craft.

And that’s important.

Tutoring as a profession has had to fight to achieve visibility and validity, and with schemes such as the National Tutoring Programme in the UK, slowly but surely, there is recognition that tutors are professionals just as doctors, lawyers and teachers are.

Allow Richard to take your thinking to the next level.

And thank you to The Profs for sponsoring this episode and for partnering as sponsors of Day 2 at the Love Tutoring Festival 2, taking place on Tuesday 25th January 2022.

Next steps:

• How does Imposter Syndrome affect particularly women in business?
• Why do we need more women in the tech world? 

Professional tutoring is akin to being a lawyer or a doctor … and education is every bit as important in society as law and healthcare

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