‘Learning First, not Teaching First’: Creating the Link Between Research & Teaching in Practice, and the Crucial Role of Memory, with Cognitive Science Expert, Sarah Cottingham

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


Often, and for too long, the link between cutting-edge research into education and actual education in practice has been too distant, too fractured. Sarah Cottingham is here to change that.

Sarah is a former Teach First teacher-turned-teacher educator, now working at the highly accomplished Ambition Institute where she designs NPQs (National Professional Qualifications).

Her insights into memory and the notion of ‘learning first, not teaching first’, built not only her classroom teaching experience but also her work training new teachers, have been hugely influential on our thinking here at Qualified Tutor – and now we bring that to you (building on our episode with Bradley Busch, a friend and colleague of Sarah’s).

Next steps:

My why at school was enjoying being around pupils and breaking things down … and now that I train teachers, my why is impacting people who can in turn impact many, many students”

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