Love Tutoring Festival 2021 Podcast #1 – Neurodiversity and Accessibility in the Field of Learning & Living Differences

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

Welcome to the first of our Late Night Live Podcasts from the Love Tutoring Festival. Our Monday podcast welcomed on Nina Jackson, Amanda Cremona and Clio Tucker.

Nina Jackson is ‘the Ninja’.
Amanda Cremona is the tutor that every student with dyslexia needs to work with.
Clio Tucker is the student who ‘failed her A-levels’, and was oh so enriched by it.

The topics discussed were varied and the conversation was aided admirably by participation from our live audience. We began with a true discussion on the advancements of accessibility in tech, followed by the impact of neurodiversity on learning, before drawing the conversation to a close with a look at the widely superfluous nature of homework and the effect it has on many students’ learning.

(And if you think your access to the Festival is OVER, then think again! You can still catch every recording to the free sessions by clicking here. And if you’d like access to our suite of 6 CPD-accredited workshops, then all you have to do is purchase the £68 ticket on our website at and you’ll get immediate access to all those recordings)

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For those with learning and living differences, even just managing to get through the afternoon can be exhausting

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