Love Tutoring Festival 2021 Podcast #2 – How to Run a Successful Tutoring Agency

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

We brought together agency leaders and heads of tuition from 3 highly successful, but markedly different, tutoring organisations: Helen Kenworthy, Georgina Green and Harry Cobb.

Helen Kenworthy: Founder of The Complete Works, a teaching service that creatively provides learning programmes for students of all ages
Georgina Green: Founder of Green Tutors, STEM specialists based in Hertfordshire and training partners of Qualified Tutor
Harry Cobb: Head of Tuition at Bonas MacFarlane, prestigious agency that mentors students and provides educational advice to parents across the globe

From how we deal with new clients and new tutors to the process of matching the right tutors to the right students to the motivations behind why tutors join a particular agency, this conversation had it all (in the field of running an agency).

And it beautifully tied together the many conversations that we had on the Tuesday of the Love Tutoring Festival, including the importance of values in a tutoring business and the importance of knowing your client before going into business with them.

(And if you think your access to the Festival is OVER, then think again! You can still catch every recording to the free sessions by clicking here. And if you’d like access to our suite of 6 CPD-accredited workshops, then all you have to do is purchase the £68 ticket on our website at and you’ll get immediate access to all those recordings)

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