Love Tutoring Festival 2021 Podcast #4 – Reflections from 3 National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tutors

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

After a wonderful day of NTP conversation at the Festival, we ended the day with a view from the frontline. LindaJolyon and Hazel take us through what they’ve learnt.

From steep learning curves with the tech to changes to the way a tutor should approach a session, the NTP has brought about a shift in the way tutoring is viewed in this country. While higher level conversations about the direction of the Programme are important, we can’t forget the boots on the ground. Those making the change happen day in, day out.

If you have been working on the NTP this year, much of what our 3 guests discuss here will resonate with you. If you’d like to get involved, this conversation will tell you whether that’s the right decision or not for you.

What the NTP could benefit from is listening to the tutors, maybe having quarterly or termly meetings with NTP tutors to actually find out what’s been going on” – Linda

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