Misconceptions, Motivation and Mental Maths: A Guide to ADHD in Tutoring

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

In one of the more open, personal and honest conversations we’ve had on the Podcast to date, Clio Tucker O’Sullivan delivers an assessment of how her journey from struggling with concentration and organisation at school, through her eventual diagnosis to the lessons learnt since.

ADHD has long been misunderstood, as a label given to those students who struggle academically. It is far from that.

Some of the most intelligent and successful scientists, researchers, professors and academics ever have lived and worked with the impairment, and have thrived.

Clio’s recent blog post for Qualified Tutor (originally published on the platform, Medium) provides a foundation for Clio’s experiences and the struggles she’s faced to date. You can find it here – we’d suggest reading it first before diving into the pod …

“My diagnosis gave me permission to let go of all the shame up to that point.”

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