Qualified Teachers in Tutoring: The Secrets Behind How to Make This Model Successful, with Founder of Capital Tuition Group, Matthew Curnier

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School


We hear many stories of individuals moving from teaching to tutoring. Matthew Curnier did so around 5 years ago and his story brings with it a great deal of experience, wisdom and amusement …

Capital Tuition Group was founded off the back of a career in the classroom. Imbued with the rigour and training of a professional teacher, Matthew has built a tuition business that lives by those same values and commitments. Of course it does – its tutors are all qualified teachers, past and present.

An actor as well, this conversation combines a discussion of what it really is that makes a tutor, and a good tutor at that, with a humorous exploration of Matthew’s background and current perspective on the state-of-play in tutoring right now, one that’s taken in a great deal of National Tutoring Programme work as well as leading the line in projects that support students post formal education and into the professional world.

Enjoy …

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A big factor in why tutoring is so important now is that the repertoire, or diet, of what we consider education is broadening beyond that of the school

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