Read Carefully, Write Clearly, Think Deeply: How to Master Knowledge-Rich Tutoring

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

But what does ‘Read Carefully, Write Clearly, Think Deeply‘ really mean for you and your tutoring? Allow Lizzie Grace, a master educator, explain it all to you …

Lizzie is the Founder of Scholar’s Atelier, which provides online classes, in-person tutoring and teaching resources to help students become careful readers, clear writers and deep thinkers. Not a bad proposition!

Lizzie joins us on the pod to explore the area of knowledge-rich tutoring that forms the foundation of her philosophy … and hopefully many more tutors too after this. Lizzie mentioned more than once that ‘thinking deeply infuses through everything we do‘ and this ethos is testament to Lizzie’s approach to learning.

Now, Lizzie challenges you to inspire the same in your students.

Next steps:

Knowing that you can’t teach everything is one of the most important skills I have learnt as a tutor

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