Roundtable Discussion on How Agencies & Schools Can Best Work Together

How Tutors Can Use Empathy to Support Students Who Are Disengaged from School

In a time when tutors and teachers, schools and agencies will come together, we bring you a conversation as topical as any.

Our guests in this episode speak from years of experience in the fields of tutoring and teaching which, as this discussion goes some way to proving, are not worlds apart.

Johnny Manning, Founder of Manning’s Tutors, is a specialist in working with schools and has, for over 10 years now, been working with Amy Welch, Headteacher at Lambeth Academy in South London. Joining us as well is Tom Seddon, a class teacher and Science Lead at an inner-city primary school in West Yorkshire.

With the National Tutoring Programme highlighting the importance of tutoring partnerships with schools, Qualified Tutor is committed to using the knowledge and deep connections formed to bring guidance, advice and discussion to the wide range of individuals, schools and companies working to make the NTP a success.

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